The team of Greenwood-Power consists of experts, working constantly on improving performance and customer satisfaction.

Our experience in the field of instrument transformer especially for Non-conventional transformers allows us to bring the best products with the most features at best cost efficient rates to the market.

Two highly experienced production partners, FMT in Serbia and EPS in Romania maintain short delivery times at highest quality levels. Greenwood-Power uses the strength of both companies to create a new, broad and highly innovative product range for non-conventional transformers, so called voltage- and current sensors.

Greenwood-Power is always open for new custom defined solutions or modifications.

Norbert Juschicz

Dipl.(FH) Norbert Juschicz


+43 (0) 676 513 2404

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Willibald Bacher

Willibald Bacher


+43 (0) 676 643 7404

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Dipl.- Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Andreas Ahamer

Business Development

+43 (0) 664 9200 253

Verena Ettl-Weber

Administration & Sales

+43 (0) 676 730 3904

Peter Bacher

Automation Engineer

+43 (0) 676 385 3415

Thomas Juschicz

Procurement & Sales Manager

+43 (0) 676 671 4404

Martin Höfner

Software Developer

Peter Maczeyka

Process Engineer